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Buy A Badge Now


We'd like to encourage you to purchase more than one Badge, and change more than one child's life.
This is because the more Badges we process, the more efficient we can be.

And we'd like to share that efficiency with you.
If you purchase more than one Badge, you will save AT LEAST 20% per Badge!

We are also able to offer further SPECIAL Badge A Bike arrangements, for example

          a.    If you wish to purchase a badge for ALL your friends and loved ones

          b.    If you are an engaged couple seeking a unique WEDDING gift from your friends and family, or

          c.    If your CLUB, SCHOOL or COMPANY wishes to badge 10, 20 30, or even 100 bikes [ie. a whole fleet]

See MULTIPLE BADGE SETS for more information or select x10 and above  below.

Please select below the number of Badges that you would like to purchase today.

To process your Badges we will need:

1. Your name, address and email
2. Your personal messages to go on the Badges - up to 140 characters
3. A photo - if you choose that option
4. Your payment details at the checkout

Please see our Promises, Terms and Conditions below

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        £60   £96 (save 20%)   £144 ( save 20%)   £192 (save 20%)
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Promises, Terms and Conditions



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Ian Charles bike in Gambia closeup c 3


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Barcelona sagrada familia2.6485

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Barcelona Montjuic Fountains1.6444
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Barcelona chimneys.6484
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Barecelona chimney.6484