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Invest MONEY

Investment Bond Projects

The Projects described here will all deliver a measurable benefit to our work and, in some instances, a financial return. We will be pleased to talk to you as a potential Investor4Change, through the medium of a Society Investment Bond.”


Investment needed: £10K to £12K
Timeframe: Immediate

           The Bike Factory will provide a new build facility in The Gambia facilitating local bike refurbishment in country.

           Bikes destined for schools, via bikes4Africa, will enable us to refurbished bikes here as well as in the UK.

           It will incorporate a bike store, a fully equipped workshop, a classroom and living accommodation.

           Personnel based at the facility will number approx 5 and will all be trained bike engineers.

           The purpose is to expand the programme capacity and secure long-term sustainability.

More information here


Investment needed: £12K to £15K
Timeframe: 2013

           The Logistics Road Trailer takes the form of a standard 40ft sea container mounted on a tri-axel trailer.

           The trailer mounted container has a 3-way purpose - enabling bike collections, exhibitions and advertising.

          It is sign-written with jole rider programme logos and that of the funding sponsors and partners.

          The trailer will be maintained by a partner transport company and used by them, on contract, when available.

More information here





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