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My Payroll Giving

My Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a recognised method for safely gifting money to charity on a regular basis.
And there are several major advantages of using this method to support jole rider.

  • Payroll Giving is a tried and tested method and is totally safe and secure
  • It is automated and doesn’t require any further input once it is set up
  • It is tax deductible and tax efficient for you
  • It helps us to plan for the future
  • It provides the regular funding we need
  • And it enables you to vary the amount or stop your payments at any time

To set up Payroll Giving could not be simpler.
If your employer has already registered with one of the Government approved agencies you are almost set to go.
Those agencies include

We work with our partners at GivingOnline, who handle the instruction from you on our behalf.
Once you are ready to set up My Payroll Giving hit the START button below.

You will be transferred to jole rider’s page on a secure platform provided by GivingOnline.
There is a simple online form for your details.
Please note, your first payment might take up to 6 weeks to be processed.
Hit the SUBMIT button at the end of the form and the job is done...

...except for one thing!

If you are giving jole rider £10 or more each month, we would like to make a gift to you.
Each year in either May or November, we will offer you a Badge a Bike.
Your Badge A Bike can be used as a SPECIAL and SIMPLE gift, for a friend, or loved one.
It can be a Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary present.
Or it might be in Memory of someone you knew.

It involves this...

Your PERSONAL message is placed, by us, on a badge
The NUMBERED badge is affixed, by us, to a bike
The bike is DELIVERED, by us, to a NAMED school in Africa

Read more about our ethical and virtual gift called Badge a Bike

And one last thing

With more resources we can have more effect by helping even more young people
If you can help, by introducing 2 colleagues, friends or relatives to My Payroll Giving, then...
we will Badge a Bike in your three names, which will appear like this

triple name badge

Simply invite 2 more people to sign up to My Payroll Giving, within 21 days, and you can order that badge
PS-They don’t have to be famous – just wanting to change lives!
When ordering please quote purchase code: MPG


We would love to Badge a Bike in your name.

We look forward to badging your personal message.

Thank you for choosing to support jole rider through My Payroll Giving.

Please watch our film ending with words of support from our patron Jon Snow.


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