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Win a holiday in Barcelona

- and help African children get to school! 

This is a Closed Group Draw, limited to 250 participants, delivering a 7 Day Holiday in wonderful Barcelona to a lucky Winner EVERY MONTH

At just £5 per month for 12 months…

The Winner will get free accommodation in a centrally located apartment sleeping 4 persons, surrounded by shops, restaurants, cafes and the buzz of this beautiful, stylish and vibrant city on the Med. The famous and iconic Sagrada Familia, arguably Antoni Gaudi’s best expression as a world renowned architect, is just minutes away by foot. A Metro station is located a short step from your door providing access to the whole of Barcelona and all its attractions, extensive waterfronts and beaches. 

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 Your accommodation is a self-contained contemporary apartment, situated close to food shops and supermarkets serving this popular residential quarter. The locality offers a good choice of restaurants and cafes frequented by tourists and locals alike as well as an array of interesting shops for a mixed market.

Whatever your preference or time of day, there is every type of eatery to choose from and sample. From simple crepes to enjoy in hand on a park bench, taverna style munches in a hidden side street or fine dining on a rooftop terrace overlooking night-time Barcelona. With so much to experience and tempt your taste buds, your apartment kitchen might only be needed for that first morning cup of tea or coffee.

barcelona building.6484 jolerider.IMG 3099 Barcelona facade Batillo.6484
And it gets Better…

By taking part in this Monthly Draw you will be helping us deliver our Bikes4Africa programme in Sierra Leone where children’s education has been decimated by the Ebola crisis. Next March we will be shipping the first consignment of bikes to schools in a remote region of the country and your involvement in this Draw will help make this happen. 

Every bike shipped will be individually marked with a pre-numbered badge affixed to the frame to identify the bike, its allocated school and the young student riding it. As a participant in this Draw, you will be a sponsor of a school bike which will carry your own personal message.
This is jole rider’s Badge-A-Bike Charity Gift.

jolerider.IMG 0548 724 jolerider.IMG 0170
By taking part in this Draw you will receive 
this Charity Gift
with a retail value of £60

jole rider’s Bikes4Africa programme delivers bikes to remote schools in Africa. With long distances between homes and secondary schools the walk to education every day in searing heat is an epic journey. For some, that journey is simply too far.
A bike makes education for these children possible by enabling them to arrive at school on time, fresh, alert and ready to learn. 

The number of students at rural schools in The Gambia who gained 5 or more credits [entry requirement for university] has more than doubled as a direct result of the bicycles. Also, students at rural schools are achieving Aggregate Scores of 6 [TOP MARKS] for the first time in the country’s history.
Gambian Education Ministry MOBSE

 To reserve your place and join in this Closed Group Draw, register with us today.

You can telephone us [01 666 500 880] or hit 'JOIN NOW' to reserve your place.
Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

To formally join in the Draw, there is a once only £20 donation - then it’s just £5 per month 
when the Draw begins.
So, to have your chance EVERY MONTH to WIN A STAY in BARCELONA,
AND help get children in Africa to school by bike 

Every month, participants will be involved in an interactive Closed Group Draw.
Cost is just £5 per month, giving you
12 chances each year to win a holiday in Barcelona.
All proceeds support jole rider helping get 
children in Africa to school by bike

The apartment provides sleeping for 4 persons in double and single bedded rooms. The prize excludes travel costs including flights, airport transfers, insurances and meals.
The Draw will commence when the requisite number of participants have registered and have confirmed their place in the Closed Group Draw.
Outline Terms and Conditions for the Draw are available here.
Full Terms and Conditions will be sent to participants on initial registration.

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Barcelona Montjuic Fountains1.6444
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