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  Scrap Heap Challenge for Schools

JOLE RIDER have launched a project to engage and excite the next generation of creative Artists and socially aware Engineers.  Our Phase Two of Scrap Heap Challenge brings together teams of school students to compete in a range of categories involving art and engineering.  With STEAM [acronym] at the centre of this Challenge, the concept for this event was inspired by a young Malawian school student and TED speaker, William Kamkwamba.

Teams of 4 students - from years 7 to 13 - will work to design and make an article from scrap and other materials.

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Any number of student teams can take part within each school, choosing from a short list of Challenge categories. Each school holds its own internal competition and judging process according to the Challenge Rules. Schools then submit their two overall best entries to JOLE RIDER by the end of the 2018 summer term to be judged by our own eminent judging panel. 

The winning teams in each category will be announced in September.
Their winning entries will also be displayed at JOLE RIDER’s UPcyling EXpo on the weekend of 6/7 October 2018.

In an additional LIVE competition, all finalists in each category will be invited to The Bike Shed in October 2018 to take part in a live running of Scrap Heap Challenge.

Equipped with a specific task and a collection of materials, students will apply their skills and talents in ONE of 2 day-long programmes; one being UPcycling based, and the other engineering based.
The task will be to design and produce either:
1. an attractive or useful Upcycled article
2. a working prototype solution addressing a common everyday problem experienced in Africa.

All entries in the LIVE competition will be displayed at JOLE RIDER’s UPcyling EXpo on the weekend of 6/7 October 2018.

The UPcycling Expo is an exhibition of a wide range of upcycled articles produced by schools, prisons and professional UPcyclers.

Founded on the popular TV programme “SCRAP HEAP CHALLENGE”, the event, inspired by William in Malawi, was conceived by JOLE RIDER as a tool to help develop young students in the UK, whilst helping young students in Africa. JOLE RIDER, for the past 10 years, have been delivering bicycles reconditioned by UK prison inmates to schools in Africa to overcome the problems of access due to long distances between home and school. This is JOLE RIDER’s programme Bikes4Africa.    

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Open to schools, this event is an excellent opportunity for students to develop and apply their creativity and problem solving skills within two distinctive categories, one art based and the other engineering based. With a prize for the winners at stake, the contest will not only give vent to their personal inspiration but will also provide students an opportunity to strengthen both their CVs and applications for further education after leaving school.

If you would like to enter a team to participate as a school, OR
would like to be a supporter and sponsor for this event
then contact Helen at -
JOLE RIDER using the email address frontdesk@ | 01 666 500 880

For general information about JOLE RIDER and our programmes
Call us today or email us via:

Check out our first Challenge event in January 2017 on our Facebook page

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