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Badge A Bike

 This is an opportunity for you to DIRECTLY transform a child’s life.

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Badge-A-Bike is a simple and special Gift Idea.
It puts YOUR personal message on a bike you sponsor,
                    which jole rider will ship and deliver to a school in rural Africa.
Once there, it will enable a child to get to school - on time, fresh and ready to learn.
Your badged bike will end a child’s daily trek to school, walking for many hours in searing heat.

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For so many children in rural Africa, a bicycle is the single most important thing to help them reach an education.
There are schools, there are teachers, but far too few - meaning 1000's of children face long daily treks to school. 
                    For many that walk is simply too far!    

Badge-A-Bike not only gets another child to school, it also connects YOU directly with their success.   

Badge–A-Bike is a simple and special Gift Idea which can be used in different ways:
     a gift for you, to empower a child, in YOUR name 
          a gift for a loved one, a friend or relative, in THEIR name
               a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift                        
                    or a tribute to a lost one – a lasting memorial of someone special

The gift of Badge-A-Bike comprises:
     A bike being DELIVERED to a child needing an education for their future          
     YOUR personal message printed on a numbered badge we affix to that bike           
     An INVITATION to jole rider’s Container Loading Day to see the bike loaded for Africa    
     And a gift CERTIFICATE to keep:
          Naming the school to which the bike will be delivered
          Giving the date your Badged Bike will be shipped to Africa
          Showing an image of your printed badge with your personal message                     
          Including a letter from Africa thanking you for the difference YOU have made


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These are the children who, with an education, will become the future...

     Doctors and Nurses              
          Teachers and Educationalists                   
               Managers and Entrepreneurs of Africa

In time, it is these children who will change their countries; they who will change their continent.
Not us, but them.
And with Badge-A-Bike we can do our bit to help them.
And thanks to people just like YOU, we can do this - working together.  Jon Snow


See our short film, with a message from Jon Snow, about how we're changing lives in Africa 


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