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Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland

jole rider is delighted to be working with over 230 Rotary Clubs, through our partnership with Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland [RIBI], since our Education Project became a Rotary project. Clubs support our work by donating money, raising funds, giving hands-on help, and transporting bikes around the country.  

Getting to school in Africa means, for many children, walking for miles and arriving late and exhausted.

Bikes4Africa is a tangible, accessible, and easy to engage with project, targeting poverty, education and gender equality. It also impacts positively upon employment and local economies. Every bike we deliver gets a child to school, on time, fresh and alert, instead of late and exhausted from a long walk.

If your Club hasn't worked with us before, please contact us about how best to support our bikes4Africa programme.
We will be delighted to share with you an array of useful information. 
Please phone us on: 01 666 500 880 or write to us on the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address. 

You can also download our Rotary Information Pack [iPac] to find out how your Club can engage with this life-changing Project.


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Badge A bike makes a personal connection between the donor and a child’s future success at school.

A pre-numbered badge is affixed to a bike carrying a personal message from the donor.

All Badged bikes are tracked in Africa so we know exactly where the bike goes and even who’s riding it.

Badge A Bike is a new initiative to help get more children to school in Africa by bike.

The scheme funds the shipment of the bike, supports the bike programme and helps to expand its reach.

Badge A Bike today and set in motion a child’s future.









Please download our Rotary Information Pack [iPac] to find out how your Club can engage with this life-changing Project.

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