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Collecting Bikes

Bikes are a valuable asset to children in Africa getting to school.

Three  questions.

1. Can you deliver the bikes to us in Tetbury?
2. Can you help cover the cost of delivering the bikes to a remote school in Africa?
          If so, a £10 contribution for each bike is what we look for
3. Have you made contact with us about your plans?
          It is important that you do for your benefit and ours.
          If you are collecting bikes on behalf of jole rider you will be acting as our agent.
          On contact, we would like to agree with you our simple agency agreement
          specifically tailored to your proposed collection. The purpose of this is two fold.
          a. To ensure that our working together goes as smoothly as possible. 
          b. To protect your legal position and jole rider's.

          Once this simple agency agreement is in place, we have information and materials we
          can share with you to help with your collection of Bikes4Africa.
          Note: Our standard T&Cs apply automatically until or unless we have an agency
          agreement with you.          

Thank you.  Your help will make an enormous difference to children in Africa

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