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Our bicycle maintenance skills training courses in Secondary Schools
     designed particularly for disaffected and disengaged students:

• Are designed and tailored to either HALF term or WHOLE terms
• Cover all the mechanical aspects of BIKES
• Address SAFE setup of bikes and SAFE riding
• Can connect with the school’s current CURRICULUM
• Have embedded opportunities to focus on NUMERACY and LITERACY
• Are delivered against a backdrop of AFRICA and our BIKES 4 AFRICA programme
• Provide understanding of the value their peers in Africa place on getting an EDUCATION


• Trained in bike mechanics to a professional level
• IMI accredited
• Trained as tutors in bike mechanics
• Trained in situation handling
• Locally based to the school
• DBS [previously CRB] screened
• BIKEABILTY trained and certified
• Passionate about making a difference to the lives of young people
• Passionate about bikes and enjoying them for what they can do for their riders
• Fully equipped with tools, bikes to work on and safe working equipment


“This has been a great course in building self-esteem with some of the boys who lack confidence and usually portray themselves as brash, loud individuals”
School Inclusion Coordinator 

"My students enjoyed the course so much that, for the first time in their lives, helping other people was enjoyable and not a chore"
School Inclusion Coordinator 

"... rarely is alternative provision as effective as that provided by jole rider"
School Inclusion Coordinator

“One student enjoyed it so much that he got off his death bed to come into school and go to the last day of the course”
School Inclusion Coordinator 

“It was really useful and nice to know that we are helping more people less fortunate than us”

“This has changed my life because now I can do my bike instead of my dad”

“I would like to teach other people and would like to keep doing it”

We will be delighted to talk with you about how jole rider and your school can work together addressing the need to re-engage the students through our programme Mpower 2 Achieve.

Our accredited Training Academy, at our base in Tetbury, is the launch pad for the M2A programme.


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