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Badge A Bike FAQs

 What will the Badge-A-Bike Gift comprise?

The Gift comprises:
A bike being DELIVERED to a child needing an education for their future          
YOUR personal message printed on a numbered badge we affix to that bike           
And a gift CERTIFICATE to keep:
          Naming the school to which the bike will be delivered
          Giving the date your Badged Bike will be delivered to Africa
          Showing an image of your printed badge with your personal message                     
Why are bikes needed?
Many children in Africa live a long way from their nearest secondary school.
There is little reliable or affordable public transport.
So the children have to walk for many miles to get an education.
A bike makes all the difference to them.

Will the need for bikes in Africa ever be satisfied?
The need for bikes by African children, to enable them to reach the education they long for, is enormous.
jole rider delivered 1000's of bikes.

However, this represents only a tiny percentage of the number needed to create the teachers, doctors, nurses, scientists and other educated adults of tomorrow Africa needs.

How will my Badge-A-Bike Gift help?
Every Badge-A-Bike Gift means that one more child will get to school.


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