The price for entry into this Charity Fundraising Event is £50.
This applies per person for rider ONE and TWO, and is payable on registration. 
If there is a third rider in the Team, the charge is £40 for the third rider.
Because this is a Charity Event we ask each Team of Individual Riders to raise a further sum for the Charity between registering and the date of the Event.
Details are below.
The optional fundraising element should be channelled through the website JustGiving, which processes and lists all the donations on behalf of jole rider.

For companies entering one or more Teams, the entry price is £75 per rider.
A Team can consist of either Two or Three riders.
Again, we ask that company riders raise a further sum by way of fundraising for the charity between registering and the date of the Event.
Details are below.
The optional fundraising element should be channelled through the website JustGiving, which processes and lists all the donations on behalf of jole rider.

For Companies we have special arrangements we are able to include where the company match-funds the fundraising by their Team, where that match-funding element exceeds £300 [£600 in total including match-funding].
We will provide to these Company supporters, photographs of their Team members PLUS a video interview of the team members at the finish.
To add to the social media gain for the Company we can also supply video footage of the Bikes4Africa programme in Africa, including a comment by our patron Jon Snow, to make a valuable PR story surrounding the whole Event.

The following is included FREE:
1. Hot drinks at the START, STAGE POINTS and FINISH Venues
2. Hot food at the FINISH venue
3. Snacks at the START venue and each STAGE POINT
4. A Certificate of Completion with Team photograph

The Agreement
Terms and conditions are always unexciting to read, but they are extremely important for you as a Rider and for us as Event Organisers.

All riders need to understand that by entering the Thames Head Challenge they agree to the following Terms and Conditions, constituting an Agreement between us as the Event Organisers and you as a PERSONAL entrant and Event Rider.
The Event Organisers and registered Event Rider are the parties to this Agreement.

Where the entrant is a Corporate then the Corporate Registration Fee is deemed as having been paid on behalf of the Corporate Team Riders. Thus no Agreement exists between the Event Organisers and the Corporate, as one only exists between the Event Organisers and the Riders of the Corporate Team.

This Event is NOT a race or trial of speed, but a personal challenge and fun ride.
As such there will be no list published which sorts Riders into finishing position order.
As the event takes place on the open road, Riders must abide by the Highway Code
at all times. Further, Riders should be aware that when riding on a public highway the primary role of Marshals is to signal caution to motorists rather than direct Riders or traffic. The secondary role of Marshals is to help indicate direction. You, as a Rider, must decide whether your own movement is safe.

The financial aspects relative to Rider participation are given in items 33 and 34 below.

1. Riders will be responsible for the roadworthiness, the safe working order and suitability of their bicycle for the Event. The Event Organisers take no responsibility for bicycles that are unfit for purpose.

Whilst the Event takes place in daylight, although not mandatory or required, the Event Organisers promote the use of daylight running lights on all bicycles.

2. No accompanying support vehicles are permitted to follow Riders.
Such practice is deemed potentially hazardous to other road users.
See the item 28 below about Team Support Vehicles

3. The wearing of Hard Shell Style Cycling Helmets, conforming to the EN1078 safety standards, is compulsory for all Riders.

4. The Thames Head Challenge is open to Riders aged 16yrs and over. In special circumstances however Riders under 16yrs can be accepted. Acceptance of Riders under 16yrs is at the discretion of the Event Organisers.
Under 16s will not be able to sign up on the day - thus must be pre-registered - and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout on the ride.

5. All Riders under 18yrs must gain the consent of their parent or guardian and submit a consent form, signed by their parent or guardian at the Registration Desk on the day, before their Registration can be confirmed as accepted.

6. The use of triathlon handlebars is discouraged. However where Riders do have
them fitted, they are not to be used when riding in a group for reasons of safety.

7. Riders participate entirely at their own risk in this Event and must rely on their
own ability and judgement in dealing with all hazards and issues of safety.

8. Riders must ride in a manner which is safe to themselves and others.

9. No liability whatsoever shall attach to The London Rowing Club, Cirencester College or any of our Venue partners, the Event Organisers, or other Event Partners, their employees, contractors, volunteers, or supporters in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by Riders in or by reason of the Event, unless such injury, loss or damage is proven to be caused specifically and entirely due to the negligence of the aforementioned.

10. Riders are fully responsible for all fees or costs arising from an accident which the Rider has wholly or partly caused. Riders are advised to take out their own insurance cover if they are not already insured.

11. Except in special circumstances as determined by the Event Organisers no refund of Registration Fees can be made within 30 clear days of the Event.

12. The Event Organisers or their Partners will maintain a registration database for all entrants and their chosen emergency contact details. Information will be collected, stored and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

13. It is the responsibility of all Riders to make sure they train appropriately and have the necessary fitness level to be able to complete their chosen stage within the designated time. Riders must ensure their personal health is suitable for participating in the Event and consider a medical consultation if uncertain.

14. All Riders and persons associated with them or their Team must comply with the instructions of the Event Organisers and Officials.

15. If circumstances dictate, or in the interest of safety, the Event Organisers reserve the right to make changes to the published route. Such changes however will be notified in advance of the Event start and, unless they are very last minute, will be published on the Event website.

16. Riders are requested to report to an Event Official, as soon as practicable, anything that they see or hear which they reasonably believe may impact on the safety or welfare of themselves or others.

17. The Event Organisers have the right to exclude any Rider from the Event or the Event Venue without providing a reason. Exclusion will relate to reasons of safety, risk to persons or property, misconduct, misbehaviour or anticipation of such, or infringement of these Terms and Conditions. In such an event the Rider’s Registration Fee will be forefeited.
The Event Organiser’s decision to exclude any person from the Event is final.
Also, depending on the nature of the exclusion, an excluded Rider might be excluded from future events managed or promoted by the Event Organisers.

18. Where entrants are unable to participate in the Event then, subject to the conditions below, they may apply to transfer their place to another Rider. Substitute Riders will only be permitted to participate in the Event if they have submitted all their details, via the on-line Registration process, and have obtained written agreement from the Event Organisers who have an absolute discretion over issues of Rider substitution. Only entrants registered with the Event Organisers are entitled to participate in the Event. Responsibility to find a
substitute Rider for their place remains with the original entrant.

19. Up to 30 clear days before the date of the Event entrants may apply for a refund of the Registration Fee, subject to a £10 refund charge. Refunds of donations received from third party supporters however are not refundable in any situation, but will be carried over to another Event as donations relevant to that entrant.

20. The Event Organisers may cancel, postpone or delay the start of the Event due to circumstances, either beyond their control or considered by them to be in the interest of personal health and safety or property damage prevention.
This may happen for example in the following circumstances:
a) Extreme or dangerous weather conditions
b) Material disruption to the intended route at short notice
c) Where the ride is conflicted by the operation of Emergency Services
d) Other material and disruptive circumstances not possible to define in advance

21. Where the Event is cancelled or postponed then, if it is practicable to reschedule the date, each entrant will be notified by email of the new date and each Rider’s entry with be automatically moved to the rescheduled Event. Entrants will not be entitled to any claim for refund or payment for consequential loss of any kind.

22. Where the Event start is delayed, for whatever reason, entrants will not be entitled to any claim for refund or payment for consequential loss of any kind.

23. Route markers for navigation are not a feature of this Event. Riders must navigate the route making use of electronic navigation devices. All Riders will have the opportunity to download details of the route which will be posted on the Event website 30 clear days before the Event. Any changes to the route will be notified to the entrants by email and by a posting on the webpage indicating that a change has been made.

24. Riders will also be provided with a Turn by Turn Route Sheet in a Rider iPack sent by email to entrants on the Thursday before the Event date. The Route Sheet will provide an essential backup source of information should a Rider’s electronic navigation fail. It is advised that Riders carry with them a hard copy of the Route Sheet for each Stage they select to ride. It is also advised that a further hard copy is carried in the Rider’s Team Support Vehicle enabling the Support Team to give navigation advice by telecom communication if necessary.

25. Course route markers for Rider’s information will be in use and positioned at relevant points on the route. Details of these markers will be provided for Riders in the Rider iPack sent by email to entrants on the Thursday before the Event date. Additionally Event Officials and Marshals will be positioned on the route at key points including at the Stage Points.

26. Whilst the route has been carefully chosen, taking account of potential hazards and Rider safety, Riders accept full responsibility for their own decisions at all times whether to proceed or not proceed on their bicycle, on foot, or at all.

27. It is accepted that the role of Event Officials and Marshals on the public highway is only to indicate direction and Riders must decide at all times whether a movement is safe.

28. The nature of this event allows for the use of Team Support Vehicles. The Team Support Vehicles are required to be registered at the Registration Desk on the day and to display on their windscreen an identifying badge. Team Support Vehicles are not permitted to follow Riders on the route or wait in strategic positions along the route. Such practice will potentially present unnecessary traffic hazards to Riders and other road users. Team Support Vehicles are however expected to rendezvous with their Riders at the Stage Points or at any point on the Route where their Team Rider has called for necessary assistance. Team Support Vehicles seen, or are reported as having been seen, infringing this code will place their Team at risk of being excluded from the Event.

29. Drivers of Team Support Vehicles will be responsible for their vehicle, in terms of its roadworthiness, fitness for purpose and its legal status.

30. Riders and their Team Support Vehicle should be equipped with the necessary tools and spares to deal with bicycle breadowns and repairs. Whilst there will be a small fleet of Event Support Vehicles on the route their availability to assist with roadside breakdowns cannot be relied upon. Quantities of spare tubes and other useful items will be available at the Stage Points on route.

31. All Riders must carry a form of identification showing their name and address. The Rider Number affixed to the handlebars of a Rider’s bicycle will carry a label on the reverse side on which the Rider is required to print their name and an emergency contact number.

32. All entrants give permission for the Event Organisers and Partners to take photographic images and audio recordings featuring them participating in the Event and to use such data in public relation material in a way the Event Organisers determine. Such use will be limited to Event promotion and advertising with some material being made available to Corporates entering a Corporate Team.

33. Event Registration Fees:

Riding for a Corporate Funded Team No Charge
Riding in a Family Team and qualify as a teenage rider No Charge
Riding as Team Member ONE or TWO  £50.00
Riding as Team Member THREE [Teams limited to 3 riders]  £40.00
Team of TWO riders  £150.00
Team of THREE riders  £225.00

1. QUALIFYING teenagers are those between the ages of 16 and 19yrs inclusive and living at the same residential address as the two adult members of the Family Team.
2. ANY number of Corporate Teams can be entered by any one Corporate.
3. REFUNDS applied for in respect of withdrawal are subject to the conditions stated above in item 19. Where a refund is payable and relates to the withdrawal of ALL Members of a Corporate Funded Team then the refund is payable to the Corporate, not to the Riders.
4. See additional EVENT SPONSORSHIP MONIES below

34. Event Sponsorship Monies.
Riders are requested to raise Sponsorship Monies for this Charity Bike Ride in support of Bikes4Africa. To qualify for entry into the Prize Draw, riders must be members of a Team which has raised a minimum average amount of £50 per rider, calculated by dividing the total Sponsorship Monies raised by the Team by the number of Team Riders. 

Entrants are required to open a JUST GIVING page in the name of their Team where the Sponsorship Monies are accumulated and evidenced. The page should be opened for the benefit of the charity JOLE RIDER and its Bikes4Africa programme using this link to the JUST GIVING website.

This clause does not apply to the Lead Team representing an Independent Bike Shop or, in the case of Family Teams, Teenage Riders.

Sponsorship Monies can be paid on the day of the Event at the Registration Desk.
Monies paid on the day must be in cash.

Only Riders who have raised at least the minimum Sponsorship Monies, and being a member of a Team which has Checked-In at each Stage Point along the route, will qualify for entry into the FREE DRAW to win a holiday in Mallorca.

35. Riders who have raised the requisite Sponsorship Monies and where their Team has Checked-In at all Stage Points along the route, will qualify for entry into a FREE DRAW to win a Holiday in Mallorca. Details of the Draw will be sent by email to qualifying Riders in the month following the Event.

36. The Event is being staged by JOLE RIDER for the sole benefit of the Bikes4Africa programme. The Event cannot be used by Riders as a fundraising platform for any other cause or organisation.

37. This Agreement constitutes the whole Agreement between the parties and any prior agreements, oral or written, are excluded.
a. Any failure by any party to enforce or to exercise at any time any term or any right under this Agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of that term or right and shall not affect that party’s right to enforce or exercise it later.
b. If any term or part of a term of this Agreement is found to be illegal or unenforceable or partly so, it [or the illegal or unenforceable part] shall be deemed to be severed and omitted from the Agreement and shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the Agreement or term as the case may be.
c. Nothing in this Agreement confers any right on third parties to enforce the provisions of this Agreement under the Contracts [Rights of Third Parties] Act 1999.
d. The laws of England & Wales shall govern this Agreement


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