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About Us

jole rider is an education organisation and registered charity, making positive changes by directly affecting the lives of children.

We do this through our education programmes:
providing bicycles to enable African children to get to school;
teaching bike maintenance skills to increase capacity and confidence.
running inter-school challenges to assist the development of personal skills.
We also facilitate Africa Xperience trips, changing people's perspective of themselves and others.

By educating its young people, Africa will stand proudly on its own feet, dealing with its own issues and, eventually, leaving behind all aid and donor concepts.

Just by getting children to school in Africa, Africa will gain exactly what it needs for its sustainable wellbeing, through talented and creative:
Doctors and Nurses
Farmers and Growers
Scientists and Academics
Journalists and Film makers
Entrepreneurs and Leaders

and an educated and discerning population that will determine how it administers its own affairs. 

"Education is the most powerful tool to change the world"
Nelson Mandela



On a visit to The Gambia in 2004, a chance meeting with school principal Henry Ampro Koromo revealed that long distances and the lack of reliable motor transport was a major barrier to children's education in Africa.

It was this meeting that set the directors, and jole rider, on a course to deliver changes in our world by helping children get the education they long for by providing bikes and resources.

In  2006 we delivered our first container of bicycles to three schools in The Gambia, making an immediate impact on the lives of more than 300 children.

Thanks to the investment, help and involvement of so many people and organisations, including our volunteers and  partners, we have now delivered more than 13,000 bikes to schools in Africa.

We are delighted that 13,000 children are getting to school on time, fresh and ready to learn.

If you would like to be a part of getting the next 13,000 bikes delivered, changing more than 13,000 more lives please let us know how you can help.


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