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Invest 4 Change

Some people call this subject “donations”.  We see it differently.

We see that making changes in our world means making an investment for change - and that investment is made in different forms. 

To make those changes we wish to see, getting children to school and improving childrens’ education for all our benefit, requires people
investing their time,
          applying their skills,
                    donating different things, and not least,
making good use of funding to make those wheels of change actually turn.

Given what we do and how we do it, we also have opportunities for people to invest in themselves. Making changes in our world does not have to be one-way traffic, meaning that we can all be a part of making change whilst getting something really positive back for ourselves. For example, people that have helped load containers with bicycles here in the UK as well as students and adults that have joined our Africa Xperience programmes in Africa will all testify to getting something really special back for themselves. 
The Africa Xperience changes them as people.

So, what some people call “donations” we think of as investments.

Our latest opportunity to change lives - through investment in a bike - we call Badge-A-Bike.
This involves sponsoring one of our bicycles which we will deliver to a school in Africa.
The bike is badged with an identifying number and a personal messaage from the sponsor.
Why not sponsor a bike in your name or make it a special gift for someone else.

To read more go to

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Opposite are different investment options for you to consider.
We hope you will choose at least one, including the investment IN YOU!



                   Invest TIME


                   Invest SKILLS


                   Invest THINGS


                   Invest MONEY


                   Invest in YOU


                   Invest BIKES