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Invest in YOU

Investing in YOU is one of the most important and valuable things anyone can do - as their bit for the world

In Africa
There are many opportunities on offer.
These include joining a jole rider Africa Xperience adventure, in The Gambia, West Africa.
These are open to school students, gappers, or the just plain fascinated.  
Trips last from between 7 days to several months depending on YOU.  
YOU can opt for a brief, totally authentic, taste of real Africa or a longer stay to get hands-on with our work with schools and other projects.
However long YOU stay, the Xperience will change YOU!
Click Xperience for more information

At home
There are an endless number of things on offer to YOU.
Including investing a few hours per week as a jole rider Team Member.
That could be helping to prepare, sort and load bikes and books into a shipping container or helping to collect bikes, books and other things.

You could help start, or run, a Chapter -a locally based branch of jole rider.
You could even join the Team and become an ambassador for jole rider helping to expand general awareness and our capability.