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Many people would say that it is better to "sweep bad news under the carpet."

We at jole rider do not believe in such a policy.
Instead, we have a philosophy of "sweeping bad news out with a new broom."

It is with this philosophy in mind that we have chosen to publish the following statements.
What people choose to make of the contents and the decisions they come to is entirely up to them.

For us, we believe in honesty and openness and by these rules we live.

As part of our published SWOT analysis, the following articles represent the existing and potential threats to the Charity's work and existence.


Charity Commission

September 2017

In the latter part of August of this year the Commission advised the Charity of its intention to conduct an inquiry.

The Trustees are advised that this inquiry has been triggered by three concerns the Commission has about the management of the Charity.

Whilst the Trustees have no concern for the inquiry itself or the findings of that inquiry, the Trustees are alarmed by the Commission's latest action.
In the opinion of the Trustees the Commission's actions are totally unnecessary and disproportionate and are placing the Charity at great risk.
Further, the actions of the Commission have been taken without consultation, warning or knowledge of the Charity's current status or operations. 

The Trustees will be making full representations to the Commission in due course and our progress will be documented here.

Our Hearts On Our Sleeve
A statement by the founders of the charity JOLE RIDER
December 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, for the founders and Directors of jole rider, Helen King and David Swettenham, this year will always be remembered as the year of our most acute test.

In our 10year history, we cannot recall a time when our resolve, our inner strength and our belief have been inwardly examined by us personally so deeply. 

The attacks we have experienced this year, including again this month on the charity and our own integrity, have cut very deeply indeed.
We should perhaps have tougher skin, but...


His involvement with, and his attacks on, JOLE RIDER
December 2016

For more than 12months now, Nick Howell, a sole trader marketing himself as Abintus in Stroud - to deliver business personnel coaching - has sought to deliver a destabilising influence on the charity JOLE RIDER and its work.

Due to Nick Howell’s continuing and seemingly never to end strategy to inflict permanent harm on the charity, evidenced by his most recent attack, JOLE RIDER has decided to make public the story of Nick Howell and the effect this person has had on this organisation.
That effect has been wide ranging, extending to the charity’s Directors, the charity’s reputation generally and its external relations specifically.
Most importantly, the damage he has caused intentionally...