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Work With Us: Corporate Partnerships


The role that our corporate partners play is again fundamental to the success and development of our work.
Partnerships can range across our complete spectrum of operations, including back office service as well as front of house delivery.
Working with corporate partners can be of immense mutual benefit and we look specifically for mutually gainful opportunities.
Please phone or email us for an informal discussion and more details.


Opportunities to Work With Us, in any one of the above forms, exists for each of our five frontline programmes.
They include education development, skills training, bikes, resourcing, leadership, organisation, management, travel and much more.
Here is a short taster of the types of people we are looking for, relative to those programmes:  

Enabling young people in the UK, working with bikes to learn skills and team working, to re-engage with learning
Bike skills trainers, mentors and others [see also my bike space]

Delivering bikes to schools making the journey to education possible for thousands of children
Bike engineers and retailing staff, bike ride leaders, organisers and others [see also my bike space]

Boosting literacy and learning with quality story books and books suited to the African schools' curriculum
Literacy professionals, coordinators, English teachers and others

Learning Development Project
African and UK schools working together to create valuable systems and opportunities for teaching and learning
Academic institutions, education developers, teachers and others

The Africa Xperience
Life changing trips to experience the real Africa, for groups, schools and individuals
Group leaders, trip organisers and others


So in summary, if you can get passionate about change - excited about actually making that change-
If you can commit time and enthusiasm packaged in your own dedication to bring about success...  
and get turned on by changing people's lives for the better, including in the process your own too perhaps...
then you could be ready for the next step!
Please email, or better still, phone us for an informal discussion and more details.

We look forward to discovering how we can work together, to achieve something others will recognise as truly amazing.

That phone call could turn out to be one day the best phone call you ever made.