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Work With Us: Voluntary

jole rider could not function without the many volunteers who play a fundamental role in making things happen.
This team is the life blood of jole rider and the contribution they make is vital, extraordinary and, above all, invaluable.
The team share responsibility for many mainstream tasks that could not be afforded on a paid for basis.
Please phone or email us for an informal discussion and more details.

A voluntary role, but with the full-time dedication and commitment normally associated with paid team members.
With a particular personal mission, people on sabbaticals can add new dimensions, and a major contribution, to the work effect.
A Sabbatical can be any length of time, depending on your availability, but is normally for a minimum of 3months.
Please phone or email us for an informal discussion and more details.

An Internship is a great way to start or enhance a career, giving you a unique work experience coupled with an enhanced CV profile.
The post would be pre-defined and you would use the skills and qualities you already possess to make a positive contribution.
The Internship, featuring a paid expenses package, would normally be for a period of 12months.
Please phone or email us for an informal discussion and more details.

Having a particular skills set, you may be in a position to deliver an immense advantage to our operations.
Parachuting into our organisation with a specific objective, for a previously defined period of time, you will achieve a specific outcome.
With your time paid for by your employer, we gain from your expertise, whilst your employer gains from your experience. 
Please phone or email us for an informal discussion and more details.

Opportunities to Work With Us, in any one of the above forms, exists for each of our five frontline programmes.
They include education development, skills training, bikes, resourcing, leadership, organisation, management, travel and much more.
Here is a short taster of the types of people we are looking for, relative to those programmes:  

Mpower 2Achieve
Enabling young people in the UK, working with bikes to learn skills and team working, to re-engage with learning
Bike skills trainers, mentors and others [see also my bike space]

Delivering bikes to schools making the journey to education possible for thousands of children
Bike engineers and retailing staff, bike ride leaders, organisers and others [see also my bike space]

 So in summary, if you can get passionate about change - excited about actually making that change-

If you can commit time and enthusiasm packaged in your own dedication to bring about success...  
and get turned on by changing people's lives for the better, including in the process your own too perhaps...
then you could be ready for the next step!
Please email, or better still, phone usfor an informal discussion and more details.

We look forward to discovering how we can work together, to achieve something others will recognise as truly amazing.

That phone call could turn out to be one day the best phone call you ever made.